Why Family Dentists May Provide You With Better Insurance Coverage

Why Family Dentists May Provide You With Better Insurance Coverage

Family Dentists are just like regular dentists, but they undergo specific training in both adult and pediatric dentistry. This often translates to more convenience for families because a family dentist can see all members of a family from ages 3 and up, but the subtle differences don't just end there. The best dental care you can get is preventative care to stop cavities and gum disease from starting in the first place, so family dentists have an advantage from an insurance point of view, since they begin treatments for patients earlier in life.

What are the Different Types of Dentistry?  

While pediatric dentists only see patients under 18 years of age and general dentists typically don't see kids at all, family dentists can perform comprehensive care for the entire family, from toddlers to grandparents. At Bendel Family Dentistry, we accept most major insurances, including the Lafayette Parish School System and Diocese insurance plans for teachers. In fact, since insurance providers deem annual exams so important to preventative care, most patients will actually pay no out of pocket expenses on their first visit.

How Do Dental Insurance Companies Come Into Play?  

The goal of insurance companies is to incentivize preventative care because it is much cheaper than treating cavities and gum disease after the fact. These for profit insurance corporations use their collective bargaining power to motivate their policy holders to make healthcare decisions that benefit both the patient and the insurance companies bottom lines. Since children's mouths change so much from birth to puberty, and kids are also known for being fond of sugary beverages and foods, insurance companies sometimes provide better coverage for parents who send their children to family dentists.

Why Choose a Family Dentist? 

Having an early start on dental health saves both time and money for everyone, so consider using a family dentist for your entire family. You can get seen on the same day as your kids, and you might even have the added benefit of keeping a few more of your dollars in your wallet.