We See Dental Patients Ages Two & Up

We See Dental Patients Ages Two & Up

A question we are frequently asked by patients is, "What's the difference between general dentistry and family dentistry?" While it is a subtle difference, the general consensus is that a family dentist spends more time training on the needs of growing children as their teeth move, fall out, grow back in, and their mouth forms a more permanent shape.

At Bendel Family Dentistry, Dr. Frances Chauvin and her staff see patients as young as two years old, which is about the recommended age for kids to start regularly seeing a dentist. The convenience of having a family dentist is that you usually don't grow out of them, and can continue to see them well through old age. The relationship between family dentists and their patients is typically a longer one than general dentistry because these specialists start seeing patients at a younger age.

One of the benefits of a family dentist is that all members of a family, at just about any age can all see the same dentist. This makes billing and insurance, scheduling, and biannual visits much more convenient than driving all over town to see different providers. At Bendel Family Dentistry, we offer very transparent billing and clear plans of care that we discuss up front at your initial exam or consultation. We know from experience that no one likes to be surprised by a dental bill, so we commit to performing a complimentary benefits analysis for each and every patient before you even hop into our chair.

We accept most insurances, including the insurance offered to teachers through the Diocese and LPSS. With any form of insurance, most people experience no out of pocket costs at their first visit, which includes X-Rays, an exam, and a cleaning. We also offer Care Credit to uninsured patients, and we also sell aesthetic products like the Glo Professional at home or in clinic whitening systems. We want to be your dentist for life. We believe in early patient education, and developing lasting relationships with our wonderful patients for years to come. Call us today for your free benefits check.