The Most Dangerous Drinks for Your Teeth

The Most Dangerous Drinks for Your Teeth

The Most Dangerous Drinks for Your Teeth

As a family dentist office, we see our fair share of sugar related cavities. Parents are often quick to point out candy and sugary foods as prime suspects, but there's a misunderstanding about what an important role beverages play in oral health as well. It's not just sugar that causes tooth decay, some drinks are high in acid, and can wreak havoc on your oral health if not kept in proper check.

Sugar + Time = Formula for Cavities

Most people already know that sugar gives fuel to the bacteria that destroy our teeth and gums. There's a little bit more to the equation though. It's not just whether or not you are putting sugar near your pearly whites, it also has to do with how long the sits there. For example, eating a single Oreo cookie and brushing/rinsing afterward is actually pretty low on the list of risky foods or beverages for your teeth. However, chewing a piece of gum that has sugar in it all day or sipping on a sweet coffee drink all day exposes your teeth to harmful and destructive bacteria for longer periods of time. Remember that sugar plus time should be a big part of how you reframe your thoughts about your oral care.

Acidic Beverages

Liquids with a low pH are considered "acidic" beverages. While the acids are not strong enough to mess up your stomach (most of the time), they can be messing up your smile. And again, time is of the essence. People who drink sodas and kombucha tea all day, as well as several types of energy drinks are all at higher risk for decay due to the acid content of these beverages. Remember water is always best, but if you are going to drink a sugary beverage, drink it in one sitting and brush/rinse when you are through.

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