How To Switch From Your Dentist to Bendel Family Dentisry

How To Switch From Your Dentist to Bendel Family Dentisry

One of the most common questions our potential patients ask us is "What do I have to do to switch from my current dentist to your office?" The short answer is simple. You don't have to do anything. Most dentists offices are going to start from scratch with their own file for you, so they will want to do a new set of x-rays, an examination, and if needed, a cleaning. Unlike a primary physician, we don't need to get your file from your previous dentist in most cases. 

Why Would You Switch Dentists?

There are several reasons why you may want to switch to a new dentist. One of the most obvious reasons would be if you have recently moved here from another city and need all new service providers. Another common reason for switching dentists is due to scheduling conflicts. Bendel Family Dentistry is one of a few Acadiana dental offices that are open for half days on Fridays, allowing busy parents to schedule late in the week. Patients can't always get in with their dentists, especially the smaller dental offices that only have one practitioner. One more reason you may want to switch dentists is insurance coverage changes. If you have a new job or dental plan that is not supported by your current dentist, you may need to find a new in-network dentist to save your hard earned money. Bendel Family Dentistry accepts most dental insurance plans, including LPSS and Diocese dental insurance for teachers. 

What's The Next Step to Switch Dentists? 

Switching dentists is as simple as picking up the phone. Dr. Frances Chauvin and her team at Bendel Family Dentistry are conveniently located in the heart of Lafayette. We have ample parking, a comfortable waiting room, and we provide all of or clients and potential clients with complimentary benefits checks with your insurance provider. There are no surprises, and our billing policies are straightforward and transparent. If you are looking for a new dentist for your entire family, look no further than Bendel Family Dentistry. We want to be your dentists for life!