A Brighter, Whiter Smile Doesn't Have to Be A Pain In The Mouth

A Brighter, Whiter Smile Doesn't Have to Be A Pain In The Mouth

A Brighter, Whiter Smile Doesn't Have to Be A Pain In The Mouth

If you talk to a lot of people who have elected to professionally whiten their teeth, many of them may tell you that it is extremely painful. With Glo Science Whitening kits, this doesn't to be the case. Between the fact that the whitening peroxide concentrate can open pores in your teeth that can lead to nerve pain, the gel can also cause rawness of the gums. Glo Science has virtually eliminated these problems because they listen to their customers and have formulated a whitening system that is pain free and effective.

Developed by a Dentist

Designed and invented by Dr. Jonathan Levine, one of New York City's top aesthetic dentists, Glo Science is backed by an actual dental professional who holds over 20 patents for products that help you to look and feel your best about your smile. Dr. Levine is a sought after public speaker, author, and inventor who has dedicated his entire career to helping his customers feel more beautiful and confident. Dr. Levine and Glo Science donate 10% of their annual profits to providing free, life-changing dental procedures to more than 4000 smiles and counting.

Backed By Acadiana Locals

Before we began selling Glo Science products, our own staff tried the products out on themselves. There is not only a professional in-office whitening kit, but a take home DIY kit as well. Our staff loved the ease of the applicator, the viscosity of the gel (which keeps it from dissolving prematurely), and most of all, the painless whitening that the products provided with maximum results and minimum sensitivity. Our patients have consistently returned to buy more Glo Science whitening gel from us because of its efficacy and ease of use.

To learn more about this product, you can visit the Glo website and listen to Dr. Levine talk about the development of this revolutionary whitening system. Bendel Family Dentistry has kits in stock, and you can just swing by our convenient Oil center location to pick yours up without an appointment.