3 Myths About Tooth Whitening

3 Myths About Tooth Whitening

We see sparkling white smiles all around us. They stare up at us in magazines and cell phone ads. We pass beautiful, happy faces on billboards. The red carpet is filled with flashy and dazzling pearly whites. It seems everyone is enhancing the beauty of their smiles using microabrasion, fillers, veneers and whiteners. Still, a lot of myths persist surrounding tooth whitening and we wanted to address some of the most common ones this month in our dental blog.

Tooth Whitening Is Painful

Its true to an extent that tooth whitening can cause a little sensitivity, but tooth whitening has come a very long way since older technology like Zoom and home whitening kits. New formulas of peroxide gels have been specifically engineered to address painful side effects of even the strongest bleaches. Glo Whitening kits were invented by a still practicing dentist who believes that tooth whitening doesn't have to be painful. In a clinical trial posted here, foaming gels with Cetylpridinium Chloride (an ingredient in Glo whitening gel) are actually proven to reduce overall inflammation in addition to being gentler than traditional whitening materials.

Over The Counter Whitening Strips Work Just As Well

Another clinical trial proved that Glo Whitening systems actually do work better than over the counter whitening strips. University Health Resources published a trial here that found some interesting results. In a randomized, parallel, examiner blind group, the study found that Glo Whitening System resulted in an improvement of nearly five shades, while Crest 3D Whitestrips only brightened participants teeth by 3.7 shades. Additionally, 100% of the interviewed 10 days after the trial were still satisfied with the results of the Glo Whitening system, and 86% of them would recommend the product to a friend.

Tooth Whitening is Expensive

Older technology like Zoom whitening can run patients up to $500 a treatment, depending on the providers fee schedule. Glo Professional at home whitening systems run less than half of that. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to look like a million bucks. Call Dr. Frances Chauvin and her staff at Bendel Family Dentistry today to reserve your Glo Professional at home whitening kit.