December 08, 2021
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There's nothing like a picture of a group of friends and family showing off their beautiful smiles. This holiday season, we have put together a list of reminders and tips to help you get through the holidays while caring for your pearly whites.

1. Carry Floss Picks

The popularity of floss picks over traditional floss seems to be growing. A trip to the local pharmacy will give you flavored and unflavored options, as well as waxed and unwaxed. Their portable size makes it convenient, and they are far more discreet to use than whipping out several feet of traditional floss. Floss tape is still the preferred method of daily cleaning, according to the ADA. This is because floss picks only clean a portion of the tooth and gums, while floss tape can reach under the gum line and sweep debris and food off of the enameled surface of the tooth, but floss picks cannot be beaten for a quick sweep between brushings.

2. Mix Up Your Snacks

It's impossible to resist a slice of pie or cake after a big meal, but did you know that certain foods can act as street sweepers in your mouth? Grab a carrot or two and crunch on those after your sweet tooth is satisfied. It's not as effective as brushing, rinsing and flossing, but the keratin in carrots can attack plaque between meals and naturally keep your breath smelling neutral.

3. Skip the Hot Chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate drinks are especially hard on your teeth because of the high sugar content, dark, tooth-staining color, and acidity that can eat away at enamel. If you can't give up your caffeine, try to stick with drinking it all in one short setting instead of all day long, and remember to floss and rinse throughout the day.

4. Stick to Your Routine

Holidays almost always mean at least a little bit of travel for most Americans. Whether you are visiting Grandma in the mountains, or staying at a fancy hotel after your office Christmas party, remember to stick with your home routine even when you are abroad. Pack a small kit with your floss, toothpaste, mouth rinse, and sugar free gum for daytime maintenance.

5. Book Your Post Holiday Cleaning Now

The holidays can be hard on your teeth and gums. Schedule your post holiday cleaning now, and make your continued oral health a New Year's Resolution. Dr. Frances Chauvin & her staff at Bendel Family Dentistry want to be your dentist office for life. We accept most dental insurance, and in many cases there is no out-of-pocket expense for your first visit.