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March 09, 2022
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If you haven't been to the dentist's office in a while, you are certainly not alone. According to the ADA, more than a third of Americans do not complete the minimum recommended annual visit to the dentist. Whether it is a lingering fear of the big chair from childhood or an issue with financial ability, many of the things that have long plagued dentist's in keeping a full schedule of patients have improved significantly. Since oral health is so interlinked with other health issues, we wanted to revisit some things that might make you reconsider visiting your dentist yearly.

Dentistry Hurts

While it is true that any procedure can be uncomfortable or even downright painful, dentistry has come very far in the last decade in interventions that help patients receive the proper oral care they need with less painful results. In fact, patient fear has spurred oral health professionals to use research and development to create new devices, methods, and plans of care specifically to reduce harm to the patient. Smaller needles, quieter drills, less clinical office atmospheres with more of the comforts of home, and noise cancelling headphones have all been reported by patients to improve their experiences during exams and treatment.

As with any other type of medical advances, anesthesia improves from year to year. The more data that dental device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies collect about efficacy, the more laser focused they can make their treatments to provide the most effective numbing experience that ends when the procedure is over so that the patient can return to work the same day.

Dentistry is Expensive

Another common notion that has been difficult for dentists to shrug off is that it costs a lot of money to keep your mouth healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Preventive care in dentistry has gotten so good that you are practically guaranteed to have an A+ from your dentist on every visit if you simply get your teeth cleaned twice a year and use good oral health at home.

Preventive care is the number one way to keep the cost of the dentist way down. If you have any dental insurance at all, chances are that your first visit to Bendel Family Dentistry will have no out of pocket expense to you, the patient. Of course, as always, we are happy to provide you with a free benefits check, and we are very transparent about our billing practices because we know no one wants to be surprised by their bill. What we do want, however, is for you to be surprised by how pleasant your service and experience was with Dr. Frances Chauvin and her staff. Call us today for a free benefits check or to schedule your appointment.